No-Fuss Beef Lasagna

no fancy ingredients - just good down-home cooking!

french beef & Noodles

Barb Cooksley - Anselmo, NE

“This is a Beef Cookoff winner that our ranch crew loves every time we make it!” - Barb

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Cowboy Beans

Trudy Nolles - Bassett, NE

“On the ranch there is a lot of work to be done creating some big appetites. This hearty recipe was passed down to me from my mother and it’s one our family enjoys time after time!”    - Trudy

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Mock Steaks

Kris Walahoski, RD, LMNT - Overton, NE

"As a busy mom I’m working, helping with livestock and chasing kids so this recipe is a simple family favorite that pairs with any side dish. I like to make large batches and individually wrap and freeze them for later use."    - Kris

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Minestrone Soup

Kelly terrell - gothenburg, NE

“Our family loves soup.  We make a lot of soup in one sitting and then freeze it and warm it up throughout the entire year.  Minestrone is one of our favorites!”   - Kelly 

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Betty's Beef & Noodle Bake

Kyla Olson - Sargent, NE

"Mom would make this easy casserole often for my family growing up. One of my very favorite memories was of her making big pans of this casserole and freezing them before we went on our ski vacation to Colorado. I do love that I have her recipes and my memories! Food can be a very powerful trigger of special times spent with lost loved ones" - Kyla

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Shepherd's Pie

Inger Sherbeck - Ansley, NE

"This is a recipe of mine for beef shepherd's pie that my family really enjoys. It's a hearty meal, perfect for a cold winter evening." - Inger

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Green Bean Mushroom Medley

Wally Ann schellpeper - stanton, NE

From the 1983 Nebraska Feeders Auxiliary Cookbook 

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sweet & sour beef

Betty King - Kearney, NE

From the 1983 Nebraska Feeders Auxiliary Cookbook 

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Corn bread mexican casserole

Janice Kurz - Palmer, NE

From the 1983 Nebraska Feeders Auxiliary Cookbook 

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Sonja's Scooper Beef

Sonja Trenary - Arthur, NE

"I love our life of ranching, the peace and quiet and open spaces. But after the work is done, we like to gather together with family and friends, watch some Husker football and enjoy time together. This is one of my favorite party foods that’s easy to make and simple to serve!" – Sonja

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Hamburger Florentine Soup

Jana Jensen - Bingham, NE

"There are often busy days on the ranch when the whole family is involved, caring for the cattle. Hard work creates big appetites and this beefy soup is our go-to meal. I can throw this together in the slow cooker first thing in the morning and by noon, lunch is ready to be served. It’s low in calories, low in fat but yet hearty and flavorful." – Jana

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Chili Salsa Beef

Karna Dam - Hooper, NE

"I love this recipe because it’s something different and it’s super easy to prepare. Our family eats a lot of beef so I try to find new and creative ways to include it in our meals. Sometimes I cut steaks into cubes but a package of stew meats works just as well. I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we do!" – Karna

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Beef & Cheesy Shells

Shannon Peterson - Gothenburg, NE

"This is a recipe that’s been a staple in our house for as long as I can remember. I love how simple it is to make and yet hearty enough to feed our crew after a long day’s work. The lightly toasted breadcrumbs on top really make the dish. Enjoy!" – Shannon

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Taco Soup

Susan Hanson - Elsie, NE

"This is one of my family’s favorite meals. We’ll often have this taco soup when we have extra workers at the ranch. I love the added crunch from the corn chips. You can plan on everyone wanting seconds of this one!"  - Susan 

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Wild Mushroom Beef Stew

Beefy Harvest Soup

Jayne Timmerman - Papillion, NE

A classic beef soup from the 1999 Nebraska Beef Cookoff.

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Flippin' Beef Pizza

Kay Pierce - Kearney, NE

Create an instant family favorite with a flip of the pan. Fun to make and and even more enjoyable to eat!

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