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From beef cuts to cooking methods, there's a lot to know about beef. The following resources are are available for teachers and culinary instructors to help students learn the basics about beef and beef cookery.

Beef cut chart

Explore the variety of beef options available in today's meat case and learn the best cooking methods for each cut.

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basics about beef

This booklet is all about beef including cut selection, cooking methods, nutritional information and safe food handling.

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my plate

My Plate illustrates the five food groups that are the building blocks for a healthy diet. See how beef fits into your daily meal plan.

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Beef By-Products

There's more to cattle than beef! Learn about the various by products that are come from cattle.

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The Beef Lifecycle

Lifecycle Infographic 2018 FINAL

The beef lifecycle is one of the most complex systems of any food. Learn how beef makes its way from the pasture to your plate. 

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Beef Sustainability


Farmers & Ranchers care deeply for their animals and the environment. Learn about the sustainability practices in beef production.

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Beef for the classroom

The Nebraska Beef Council offers grant assistance to family & consumer science teachers in Nebraska schools who wish to purchase beef products as part of their culinary or nutrition courses. 

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