Ag Education

Programs such as FFA and 4H are extremely important for the future of agriculture. The following resources are designed to help instructors and extension educators teach all aspects of beef production. If you would like more information about available resources, please contact the Nebraska Beef Council at 308-236-7551

Beef University

Whether you work as part of the beef community or you simply want to enhance your beef knowledge, this course is for you! Learn about the various areas of beef production including raising cattle, beef cuts, beef nutrition and the modern beef consumer.  

Web Resources

Masters of Beef Advocacy

The checkoff-funded MBA program is a self-directed online training program designed to equip beef industry allies with the information they need to be everyday advocates for the beef community.

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Ag in the Classroom

Nebraska Ag In The Classroom™ is a program of the Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation aimed at helping K-12 students and teachers develop awareness and understanding of agriculture through resources and training. 

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Beef Innovations Group

The Beef Innovations Group is your resource for innovation including new product development, cutting techniques and beef merchandising. Resources include cutting videos and info sheets on various cuts. 

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Beef Quality Assurance

Beef Quality Assurance is a nationally coordinated, state implemented program that provides information on animal health, food safety and product quality to both producers and consumers.

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Printable Materials

Beef Cuts Chart

This reference guide shows the various cuts of beef from each primal area of the animal.


Beef Lifecycle

Follow the lifecycle of a beef animal from pasture to plate.


Grass vs Grain

Learn about the various production practices used to raise beef.


Fun Farm Facts Activity

This quick activity sheet explores the different breeds of cattle and explains some of the vocabulary used in the beef industry.

Having The Beef Conversation

This handy booklet provides understanding of how to conduct effective conversations about key issues for the beef community. 

Beef Checkoff Explained

Get to know the Beef Checkoff program and how the producer investment is used to drive beef demand.

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