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Dr. Milton Stokes Speaks at Nebraska Nutrition & Dietetics Conference

Madison Doeschot - Nebraska Beef Council | May 6, 2024

Dr. Milton Stokes speaks at the Nebraska Nutrition and Dietetics Conference.

Sorting truth about food from fiction can be overwhelming to consumers, especially when information is driven by aggressive headlines generating nonstop competition for attention. As a result, Dr. Milton Stokes, a Registered Dietician who serves as the Senior Director for the International Food Council, addressed these issues while speaking at the 2024 Nebraska Nutrition and Dietetics Conference.  

“I work at the intersection of food, agriculture, and nutrition,” said Stokes. “My session is more about communication and how to communicate contentious topics with patients and consumers.” 

Through a partnership with the Nebraska Beef Council, Dr. Stokes shared an approach to engage in tough conversations to help build trust with consumers and other stakeholders on various topics of food and nutrition, including beef’s nutrient density and positive impact on environmental sustainability.  

“I think it’s fair to say that consumers have never been more interested in food than they are today and have a lot of questions,” remarked Stokes. “There’s also never been a bigger gap between consumers and agriculture.” 

The conference was attended by over 200 Registered Dietitians from Nebraska and was an opportunity for the Nebraska Beef Council to enhance connections and create engagement among an important health professional audience. Dr. Stokes was also featured on a Nebraska Beef Checkoff Update while he was in the state for the conference. 


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