Beef Bruschetta with Roasted Garlic-Feta Spread

Consumer Market Research is Key to Beef Checkoff Programs

Nebraska Beef Council | March 29, 2019

As the Nebraska Beef Council (NBC) Board of Directors considers potential program ideas for the upcoming 2019-2020 fiscal year they look to consumer market research as a foundation to their strategic plan. “Utilizing research to make good decisions for checkoff investments is paramount in helping us succeed at our mission of strengthening beef demand in the global marketplace,” said Buck Wehrbein, NBC Chairman from Waterloo, NE.  

The NBC conducted state specific research using the Toluna survey dashboard and coupled it with national findings to determine that overall consumption, knowledge, perception and trust of beef continues to be very strong among Nebraskans. The versatility and value of beef is important for consumers in Nebraska as well. Currently, over 80% of Nebraskans eat beef weekly and the NBC wants to see that number increase.

“Social media has been a key component in sharing the beef message as well as finding new ways to share the nutritional value of beef to influencers and consumers alike,” said Wehrbein. To keep consumers maintaining their current consumption level, the NBC works to highlight the important factors of versatility and value. Providing meal preparation and recipe ideas continues to be a focus for checkoff programs.  

In addition, production perceptions and trust for producers who raise beef are high in Nebraska. The NBC plans to reassure consumers that beef is responsibly raised through content on their YouTube channel. The capability to advertise on YouTube has proven to be an effective way to showcase producer stories of animal health, care sustainability and modern production practices.