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From beef cuts to cooking methods, there's a lot to know about beef. The following resources are are available for teachers and culinary instructors to help students learn the basics about beef and beef cookery.  


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Looking for some exciting new ways to enjoy beef? There are hundreds of beef recipes waiting just for you!

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Beef for the Classroom Grant

FCS and ProStart teachers are encouraged to submit requests for our beef grant program. Download the application form or submit your request below.

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Confident Cooking

This handy resource is your go-to guide for all things beef. From choosing the best cut to storing and preparing beef, this e-booklet will become one of your favorite kitchen tools!   

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Beef Cut Chart

Explore the variety of beef options available in today's meat case and learn the best cooking methods for each cut.

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Basics About Beef

This booklet is all about beef.The information is designed to help you get the most value when you buy beef and to show you how to prepare beef to enhance the tenderness and flavor.

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My Plate

My Plate illustrates the five food groups that are the building blocks for a healthy diet. See how beef fits into your daily meal plan.

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