Knobbe Family

Knobbe Feedyards

"Tender loving care to the animals is a good health program" - Harry Knobbe. Learn why cattle care at Knobbe Feedyards is the top priority when raising quality beef.

Harry Knobbe started feeding cattle in the early 1960s. From the very beginning, cattle health and comfort was a top priority at the feedyard. Today, Harry's son Scott has followed in those same footsteps maintaining a safe and healthy environment for the cattle in his care. Ideally located in the heart of beef country, Knobbe Feedyards feeds nearly 5,000 head of cattle every year that are processed into beef and shipped around the world. 

Knobbe Feedyards

West Point, NE


Cattle spend their final 4-6 months at a feedyard being fed a scientifically-balanced diet and receiving daily care.

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