Switzer Ranch

Reputation Management

Nebraska Beef Council protects beef’s reputation by aligning and collaborating with industry partners and organizations to distribute accurate information about beef, beef producers and today's American agriculture. The team engages beef advocates and maintains crisis management plans throughout the year.


Consumers demand high-quality, safe and nutritious products. As protein choices continue to expand, beef safety, quality and nutrition research are key to ensuring consumers have confidence in their beef purchasing decisions. The way to maintain and grow this confidence is through strong and effective science-based research and communication. Beef Checkoff-funded research programs have been used to respond to media and consumer concerns, by showcasing the beef industry’s commitment to science-based information and consumer education.

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BQA - Cow Calf

Sustainability Research

Not only is beef delicious and nutritious, but it's also a highly sustainable food source. The path to sustainability is never complete; It is a continuous journey being carried out by ranchers responsible for raising and supplying beef to the U.S. and across the world. Take a look at how today's ranchers are contributing to a more sustainable food supply.

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