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Consumer Marketing

The consumer marketing program area capitalizes on innovative communication efforts to design and deliver memorable and relevant messages directly to consumers and influencers regarding beef's many advantages including taste, nutrition, convenience, versatility and value and the beef community's commitment to providing a safe and wholesome product. Activities in the consumer marketing area include advertising, promotions and events, consumer health promotions, media relations, digital marketing and content development.

Digital Advertising

The Nebraska Beef Council's digital advertising campaigns reach consumers with messages about the taste, nutritional benefits, enjoyment, and versatility of beef.  A majority of the messaging is delivered through online platforms including Google Search, YouTube, and Connected TV allowing consumers to be targeted with specific beef-related content. These advertising placements target urban consumers and reach more people in the population centers of the state.

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Billboard Placements

Seasonal billboard campaigns have been implemented to keep beef top-of-mind with consumers especially during peak consumption times of the year such as summer grilling season or the holidays. Display boards at the Omaha airport also welcome visitors with a reminder of Nebraska's commitment to raising quality beef.

Nebraska Beef Passport

The Nebraska Beef Passport program was launched in 2021 and featured 40+ restaurants from across the state that serve outstanding beef meals. Participants can visit each location, enjoy their favorite beef meal, and then be entered to win additional prizes. This program not only encourages beef consumption but also showcases the great local beef restaurants in Nebraska.  

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Social Media

Nebraska Beef Council's social media platforms allows for direct connections to consumers with timely information and educational resources. Social media advertising also allows for targeted distribution so that specific messaging can be delivered to various audiences. 

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