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Dover Works on Behalf of Beef in California

Madison Doeschot - Nebraska Beef Council | August 8, 2023

Meet Kori Dover, the California Beef Council’s Director of Food and Nutrition Outreach. Dover’s position is funded by the Nebraska and Kansas Beef Councils to help educate the top agricultural-producing state on how to incorporate beef into a heart healthy diet.                 

Dover grew up wanting to be a chef, but switched gears in her career to dietetics and nutrition when she was diagnosed with celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder that she says is when, “your body mistakes gluten as poison and attacks itself.”               

“Having to learn how to navigate the world gluten-free and being into health and fitness nutrition inevitably became a big interest of mine,” said Dover. “I wanted to become a registered dietitian because I had a passion for helping others learn about the powerful impact our food choices have.”                

Growing up in Colorado, Dover noticed a disconnect between consumers and where their food comes from. She worked with a Colorado State University Extension program where she would visit small farms which led her to being more interested in agriculture, and ultimately started doing contract work for the Colorado Beef Council.                

“The position of dietician came open at the California Beef Council, and someone had thrown my name in the hat with the boss,” said Dover. “The rest is kind of history and now I get to do what I love, which is listening to farmers and producer’s stories and then putting my science behind it.”    

Now based in the Sacramento area, Dover serves California telling beef’s story. She calls working in the state, “it’s own beast,” as it has a very unique agriculture makeup and large population. Her role involves educating medical, diet and health professionals about beef’s role in a healthy diet as well as other audiences.                 

“So many Americans, especially in certain metropolitan areas within California, are disconnected from where their food comes from and how it makes it to their plate,” said Dover. “My role at CBC allows me to approach and tackle some of those challenges while telling beef's story with multiple demographics and populations.”                 

Dover says her favorite part of the job is when people have “light-bulb moments,” when she’s educating them about beef and its nutritional value.  

“When students, consumers, and even health professionals connect those dots there is nothing more exciting to see,” Dover said. “People light up and begin to understand the importance of cattle within our food system!”


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